(Skills Barbershop) magazine service cancelation


I call to Midwest Readers Service to cancel the service because the company

Was sending me the bills double month and I called to see what happen and I made the decision to cancel everything but what they did was reduce the payment to $14.99 every month so my wife keep paying the bills and I just find out that we still getting those bills so I call again to cancel and they told m that I can't because I have a contract for 4 years that I never signed, the I ask them to explain me that and they said was a verbal contract Through the phone, and I told that person that I never will have any contract for 4 years and because that is illegal since the beginning because they don't explain u exactly the contract and the never told m that was for 4 years and that's is ridiculous so now I ask for that conversation tape and they told me they are Not allowed to do that and I told her that me as a customer I have all the right to see every information related with me and these ilegal contracts and as well I did make a complaint with Wells Fargo

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